Colorado AIDS Memorial

Flanked by the South Platte River, The Grove sets on the west end of Commons Park
in the river’s natural wetland filled with native grasses, bushes, and cottonwood trees.
The Grove is surrounded by an urban landscape of high-rise offices, local shops, tree-lined promenades and residences. This natural area is the heart of Denver and the soul of Colorado.


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2017 Recognition Ceremony

Friends of The Grove recognized five Coloradans who have devoted their lives and careers to the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Click Here for Biographies and Images of the Honorees
Click Here for Images of the Ceremony

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Our Roadmap for The Grove Website

This community website intends to host the following:
–  Announcements for events being held in the park
–  A history and timeline of The Grove, interspersed with HIV/AIDS history in Colorado and the US
–  A gallery of past and present images of the park
–  A page for community members to share their stories and reflections

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